The Thought of God, ch.3 – “The Still Small Voice”

I must have started this post a couple of months ago… it’s been a while since I’ve dipped back into The Thought of God, which is a shame, because it’s a great book! However, the fact that the book is made up of a series of articles makes it very easy to pick up again and read new material — or to review old material and finish old blog posts 🙂

I’ll try to refrain from quoting this whole chapter – as it is, I think I’ll be quoting quite a bit of it, so please bear with me. Roberts opens this article on “The Still Small Voice” (chapter 3) with this paragraph:

There is nothing about God’s being, nature, or ways which embarrasses us more than his gentleness. We readily think of power, majesty, greatness and sovereignty when we remember God. It is right and good that we should do so. These are all parts of his ways. They do not surprise or unman us because we expect them and are, in a manner, prepared for them. But God’s gentleness is somehow awesome and overwhelming to our minds. It catches us off balance and staggers us by its very wonderfulness.

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The Thought of God

I recently started reading The Thought of God, which has been on my list of books to read for a couple of years now. It’s a collection of articles by Maurice Roberts which were published as editorials in The Banner of Truth magazine. Based on the first few chapters/articles, I’ll be writing a number of posts on what I glean from this book.

For example, in the first article, The Thought of God, after stating that our first thought in times of trial and difficulty should be of God, Roberts says:

There is a difference, alas, between things as they are and things as we perceive them. Our perceptions of God suffer more than our perceptions of natural things because we are depraved and do not make it our life’s work daily to enrich our idea of God from the fountainhead of Scripture. It is our folly that we allow ourselves to look at life’s problems as if they were somehow isolated from God. As soon as we see our problems in the light of God’s being and perfection, we are emancipated from alarm and terror.

and later,

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