Our first NOBC book!

The NOBC’s first read is The Heart of the Matter. I’ve wanted to read Graham Greene for some time, so I appreciate this choice.


Reviving the NOBC

Is anyone interested in reviving the NOBC, only in an online format? Since the original group is somewhat geographically dispersed these days (and since those in the diaspora are also currently students), I would suggest something like a 2-month reading window followed by discussion for a week or so. Does that sound feasible?

By the way – it looks like our name got hijacked by quite a few groups (do a Google search).

Who’s in so far (8/25/07):

  • Justin
  • Danny
  • Jeff
  • Christian
  • Tato
  • me
  • Matt
  • Chris

Note: As of 8/25/07, the new NOBC is up and running!