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Gospel-Driven Sanctification

I haven’t read all of the articles here (there are quite a few!), but the ones I’ve read are excellent: Gospel-Driven Sanctification by Jerry Bridges, The Difference Between Legal and Gospel Mortification by Ralph Erskine, and The Anatomy of Backsliding, which is one of John Piper’s sermons (see the link to “Sanctification and Growth”).

Here’s the quote from Sinclair Ferguson that introduces these articles:

This first thing to remember, of course, is that we must never separate the benefits (regeneration, justification, sanctification) from the Benefactor (Jesus Christ). The Christians who are most focused on their own spirituality may give the impression of being the most spiritual … but from the New Testament’s point of view, those who have almost forgotten about their own spirituality because their focus is so exclusively on their union with Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished are those who are growing and exhibiting fruitfulness. Historically speaking, whenever the piety of a particular group is focused on OUR spirituality that piety will eventually exhaust itself on its own resources. Only where our piety forgets about ourself and focuses on Jesus Christ will our piety nourished by the ongoing resources the Spirit brings to us from the source of all true piety, our Lord Jesus Christ.
– Sinclair Ferguson

Hat tip to Bob Anderson at WHCC for the pointer to Gospel-Driven Sanctification by Jerry Bridges, which resulted in my finding the collection of articles!

Being angry with God vs. expressing that anger

In the subsequent discussion for the post I pointed to here, Chris put up a link to an article by John Piper about being angry with God vs. expressing anger towards God. It’s an interesting and very practical (and short) article – check it out. If you want, voice your thoughts on the topic below….

The Prayer of David and the Son of David

Another great post from Chris – this time comparing David’s prayers with those of Christ.

The One Who Works Wonders

Chris wrote a great post the other day about The One Who Works Wonders – take a look!