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Given that, I’m going to use this space to ask you to please pray for Connor!


‘Let Them Come Home’

For my regular readers (all two of you), who by now have become quite irregular through no fault of your own, I apologize… I’ve been spending most of my blogging time over on ConnorWatch.org (if you haven’t been there, please visit – and pray for Connor!)

I came across Abraham Piper’s testimony yesterday, and had to put up a pointer to it. Actually, only a small part of it is officially his testimony – the rest of it consists of his suggestions for parents who are struggling with a wayward child (though I suspect that he is also largely telling his own story, from the perspective of his parents, when he outlines his suggestions).  His suggestions are wise and loving counsel to any who might be going through similarly wrenching times with their own children.

Since I’m posting about Piper progeny, I should also point to this powerful poem by another of the Pipers’ sons, Karsten: Sometimes He Kills Us to Save Us.

Please pray for Connor!

Jenann and I have known Connor Williamson since he was only knee-high to a… well, I don’t know that Connor has ever been knee-high – he’s a big kid! I’m sorry – young man of 18 years. Connor pinched his spinal chord, displaced a couple of vertebrae in his neck, and damaged his vertebral arteries when he dove into a lake at camp last week. We visited him and his family yesterday with some other friends from church.

We’ve been involved with his whole family in music and drama at church for many years. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity of playing with Connor (he plays the drums) occasionally during the few times a year that I have the privilege of playing the piano during worship at church. His parents have raised a wonderful son – one who loves God and whose sole desire is that God be glorified as a result of what he is currently going through. Based on this example of what you can read about (and pray about!) at Connor Watch, I’d say that God is already being glorified:

Connor is singing hynms… he can’t move a muscle yet he finds it within himself to sing hymns!
Eric [Connor’s dad] told me this story… there is a terminal patient in the bay next to Connor who appears to [be] braindead. Connor, laying in his bed with a halo on his head, saw this person’s mother and asked her, “Would it be alright if I prayed for your son?”
Another example: while we were there, we witnessed Eric and his family minister in deep and effective ways to other families who are sharing the waiting room with them. They pray with them, listen to their hopes and fears, and share the love of Jesus with them.

So please join the hundreds (thousands?) of people from around the world who are following the updates on the Connor Watch blog and prayer pages, and praying for healing for Connor, and peace and strength for his family as they continue on this journey together…