What Christmas is All About

My favorite scene! ┬áSince Linus is quoting the KJV, here’s a link to the text in KJV: Luke 2.

Have a wonderful Christmas, gentle reader; I pray that you soon learn the true meaning of Christmas if you do not already know Him!


Celebrating Christ’s Birth

I’m woefully behind on posts – I have 4-5 stacked up waiting to either be finished or started… but I felt I needed to write something on this wonderful day of celebration!

Praise God for His incredible, unimaginable, unspeakable gift! He sent His Son into the world for sinners – for enemies – that He would ultimately die a horrific death on the cross so that we might live. What incredible love! That God would reach out to us to reconcile us to Himself, bridging the gap caused by sin that we cannot cross by ourselves… If you haven’t yet, do take some time to consider the most important decision of your life – whether or not Christ is Lord of your life, or if you have set up something other than Him as Lord. That something could be yourself (pride), money, power, pornography, status, material things, even your family – but there is only one proper “object” of your worship, one proper Lord you can put in place at the center of your heart and life – and His name is Jesus Christ!

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