Does God Always Answer Prayer?

While looking for another of A.W. Tozer’s works online, I came across this essay called “Does God Always Answer Prayer?” from Man: The Dwelling Place of God. Tozer didn’t belong to the “God answers: yes, no, or here’s something else” school of thought with regard to prayer.

What do you think?


Nearness Is Likeness

I finally started reading Tozer recently. I’ve wanted to read some of his books for a long time – so when I found an old copy of The Best of A.W. Tozer earlier this year, I figured that would be a great place to start. Let me tell you – it is! It’s a compilation of 52 chapters (drawn from a dozen of Tozer’s books) which Warren Wiersbe put together. If I can find some more time, I’ll post some more quotes sometime soon; for now, here’s some of Nearness Is Likeness: Continue reading