Being angry with God vs. expressing that anger

In the subsequent discussion for the post I pointed to here, Chris put up a link to an article by John Piper about being angry with God vs. expressing anger towards God. It’s an interesting and very practical (and short) article – check it out. If you want, voice your thoughts on the topic below….



  1. I think Piper offers helpful counsel here. It reminds me of what Mahaney preached at T4G about complaining, which is basically calling God on the carpet for our perception of his lack of wisdom in any given situation.

  2. I guess I should have also written up my thoughts more directly from the get go – but I was trying to get this post out before leaving for dinner yesterday… Anyway, I also like what Piper says in the article. It acknowledges the state of our hearts (at times) while upholding the unassailable goodness and justness of God. Note that an interesting discussion is developing over on Chris’s blog concerning whether or not David’s imprecatory Psalms were sinful or “wrong”.

  3. And thanks for the comment, Danny 🙂

  4. Good insight. Although, I don’t know if you call that “expressing anger at God”…more like confessing our sin of anger to God….

  5. I guess it depends on your frame of mind (and your heart) when you express that anger: it could literally be expressing anger – or it could be confession, if you’ve had time to get some perspective.

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