Reviving the NOBC

Is anyone interested in reviving the NOBC, only in an online format? Since the original group is somewhat geographically dispersed these days (and since those in the diaspora are also currently students), I would suggest something like a 2-month reading window followed by discussion for a week or so. Does that sound feasible?

By the way – it looks like our name got hijacked by quite a few groups (do a Google search).

Who’s in so far (8/25/07):

  • Justin
  • Danny
  • Jeff
  • Christian
  • Tato
  • me
  • Matt
  • Chris

Note: As of 8/25/07, the new NOBC is up and running!



  1. I was never a part of the original, but I am definitely down to participate in the new group if you are taking on newbies.

  2. Justin – Absolutely! You’re in by marriage, if nothing else πŸ˜‰

  3. I’d be down.

    And we’re the original NOBC.

  4. Got room for another newbie?

  5. Danny and Jeff – great, and sure!

    All – which do you think would work better – a standard blog format (like this, where only I, as the owner, can write new posts and everybody else can only comment), or a team blog where any official member of the team can write new posts (or comment, of course)?

  6. I am in. Through the NOBC I became acquainted with Stephen Lawhead. Since then, I have read 3 other of his books. Further, I got it when the game store next to Baskin Robins called themselves Ender’s Games. Yes, the NOBC has better helped me understand the world around me. More Joseph Conrad!

  7. Nooo! I’m staring into the abyss that is The Heart of Darkness

    But I’m glad you’re in, and that the NOBC has made you more culturally aware. I believe that was one of the original goals, was it not? (I wasn’t a charter member — I missed the meeting to discuss Byzantium, though I did read it. Great book!)

  8. It would depend a little bit on which book we chose. Also, I would miss discussing it in person, but it is possible.

  9. Books: I think we should start with a fresh list. And we’ll need to have some basic ground rules for deciding on the next book (you have to have contributed to the previous discussion in order to vote on the next book, majority of votes decides the next book, etc.)


    Yeah, I’ll miss the early-morning trans fat specials as well… and the live(ly) discussions, of course! But given just the schedules of everybody who is in town, I think it would be easiest to have a good discussion (involving everyone who wants to participate) if we have that discussion online.

  10. I didn’t mean to come off negative or wishy-washy… I guess the main reason for the “which book we choose” is because I am not in my next semester yet and a lot would depend on how big that work load will be for me.

    How shall we start accumulating a book list?

  11. Another idea… should we just make an NOBC blog and talk about it there with everyone who is interested?

  12. Tato – I’m just joking with you πŸ™‚

    I know that classes will greatly influence free time for you, Danny, and Nathan (if he’s interested), which is why I suggested a 2-month window for reading the books.

    As far as the logistics, I did start a new page on my blog (see NOBC – Draft at the top of the page) – but I’m kind of leaning to a whole new blog w/ multiple contributors – is that what you think, too? That way any one of us could initiate new posts (not just comments), and we could have a page just for rules, just for the book list (and new nominations), etc.

  13. Ok – I just created a new blog. The new NOBC.

  14. I’m down; although I am not sure I will make any reading suggestions for a little while. I got so much flak for my previous recommendations – I am not sure I can take any more rejection at this moment.

  15. Let’s see… looks like your moment lasted about 15 minutes. You’re very resilient, Chris!

  16. With my workload this semester I’m gonna have to say no – but I wish I could!


  17. Nathan – hopefully you’ll have a little more time in the future!

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