Speaking peace to myself

Owen talks about the danger of speaking peace to yourself rather than receiving peace from God. The first rule he lays out in chapter 13 of “Mortification” for determining if God is speaking peace to you, or if you’re speaking peace to yourself, is if the “peace” you attain is accompanied by “the greatest detestation imaginable of that sin” (emphasis in the original). He goes on to say:

When men are wounded by sin, disquieted and perplexed, and knowing that there is no remedy for them but only in the mercies of God, through the blood of Christ, do therefore look to him, and to the promises of the covenant in him, and thereupon quiet their hearts that it shall be well with them, and that God will be exalted, that he may be gracious to them [LEN: sounds pretty good so far, doesn’t it? Sounds like you should be OK with your heart in this state…], and yet their souls are not wrought to the greatest detestation of the sin or sins upon the account whereof they are disquieted, — this is to heal themselves, and not to be healed of God. This is but a great and strong wind, that the Lord is nigh unto, but the Lord is not in the wind. When men do truly “look upon Christ whom they have pierced,” without which there is no healing or peace, they will “mourn,” Zech. xii. 10; they will mourn for him, even upon this account, and detest the sin that pierced him.

I have certainly gone up to the point of detesting my sin — both for what it is and for the fact that it contributed to nailing Christ to the cross — many times only to fall short of detesting my sin… and then I spoke peace to myself. Of course, there have been many occasions where I wasn’t even disquieted or perplexed by my sin. I never even felt the wound. (There’s something that comes up a number of times in the book: the wounds that our sins impart upon us. But that’s a topic for another post.)

I have grown in this area recently, but I do have a long way to go. I pray that my heart will be ever softened to the impact of my sin on Jesus, who bore that sin on the cross in my place. I want to feel the wind of peace from the Lord that will lift me on eagle’s wings.

(Part 2.)


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